Nicholas Dobie

Web Developer


These are some example projects that I have worked on that are publicly available and that you can view the source code for.

Screenshot of Nick Dobie

Nick Dobie

This is my personal site (you are already here).

Screenshot of Purple Mortgage

Purple Mortgage

This is a demo site for a fictional mortgage company. It was built to showcase my skills in web development. It is built with Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS with hosting provided by Vercel. A key aspect was improving the performance of the site by using modern web development techniques such as code splitting and image optimization.


npm version of prisma-extension-cuid2npm downloads of prisma-extension-cuid2license of prisma-extension-cuid2types of prisma-extension-cuid2

This is a Prisma extension allows for the use of the new CUID2 id generation algorithm in Prisma as a stopgap until Prisma supports it natively.